Saving Account

EV Smart Savings (Susu Account) – This is a daily Susu account which operates like a current account.

Daily Deposits of Any Amount
Account can be opened with any amount
Can withdraw at any time
Withdrawal charge of GH¢ 1.50 per withdrawal
Access to loan after two months of operation

EV T-Susu Account: This is the normal traditional Susu.

The customer contributes the agreed upon amount for 31 days.
A days contribution is charged as commission
Clients can have many T- Susu accounts
Customers have the option to transfer their contributions to either savings of Fixed deposit accounts.
Account can be used to access Loan after 3 months

EV Smile Savings- This is interest yielding savings account.

Deposits can be made daily
Deposit Any amount and earn attractive interest
No operating or withdrawal charges
Withdrawals can be made twice a month and additional withdrawal attracts a charge of GH¢1.00
Access to Loan Facility